The kitchen is the heart of any home, isn’t it? A beautiful and functional kitchen not only enhances the overall look of your place but also makes the life of all the members comfortable and convenient. With changing trends every day, people are now opting for modular kitchens to keep the home minimal yet fully optimized. Nowadays, people are replacing their old wooden cabinets in the kitchen with the new PVC kitchen cabinets.

There are many reasons why people prefer PVC ( polyvinyl chloride) cabinets, but there are several disadvantages of PVC modular kitchen too. Before going through the cons of installing PVC kitchen cabinets, let’s go through its types, details, and the reasons why people opt for it.

PVC is a common material that is used in the bathroom piping and fittings. This material is used in such fittings because it is water-proof and lightweight. These features of the material made it a preferred choice for making cabinets in the kitchen too. In PVC material, you get two options: PVC hollow boards and PVC foams. 

The first type, PVC hollow boards, are hollow from inside, as the name suggests. These boards are more economical and lightweight. The second type- PVC foams are thicker than the hollow boards and are also broader than them. One can opt for any of these options to make cabinets, but people prefer foam boars more as they are more sturdy. 

Features of PVC Modular Kitchen

  • The installation process of the PVC cabinets is easy and hassle-free.
  • The user has found the PVC kitchen cabinets easy to clean.
  • It has anti-corrosive properties and is also not affected by the termites or water.
  • One might find it easy to replace the cabinets as compared to the traditional wooden ones.
  • It is also easy to clean the cabinets and also needs minimal maintenance only.
  • They are cheaper than the wooden cabinets and other types of kitchen cabinets available in the market.

Now that people like the concept of minimalism, they are opting for PVC modular kitchen due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, and ease of management. However, while paying attention to these factors, it is also vital to know all the disadvantages of PVC modular kitchen to make the right and better choice.

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PVC Kitchen Cabinets Disadvantages

  • The material is not very durable and can sag in a longer run.
  • PVC materials have a less holding capacity as compared to other materials such as wood, plywood, marine wood, etc.
  • Unlike the color options available in the wood, there is a limited array of options for PVC material.
  • The cabinets made form the PVC material are not resistant to fire.
  • The material is more prone to scratches as compared to the other types of materials.
  • If you are opting for hollow boards, then there are chances that many pests and insects could occupy the space inside the board.
  • A lot of people have also complained about the discoloration of the material after using it for some years, which is not the case with wood and other types of materials.
  • As the PVC material has less strength, hardware, and hinges with only plastic can be used for fixing the cabinets.
  • PVC material also tends to show bending or deforming due to its less resistance towards any physical hindrance.

Concluding Remarks

So now that you know all the features, reasons, and disadvantages of the PVC modular kitchen, it will become convenient for you to make a choice and decide if you want to opt for the cabinets made from PVC. Wooden cabinets are difficult to clean and maintain, but they have more longevity and durability as compared to the PVC cabinets. But if you do not want to invest much in the kitchen or want to set up the place temporarily, then you can opt for PVC modular kitchen. Make sure to use the cabinets with care to avoid the damage and clean it regularly to avoid insects and pests.