gypsum plaster vs cement plaster

Gypsum Plaster VS Cement Plaster: Plastering Solution of Construction

Plastering is a primary way to coat the masonry walls for protection from external agents and provide a polished surface that can be beautified as per your desire. Building Construction uses two popular types of plastering techniques namely Gypsum Plastering and Cement Plastering. Let’s have a look at what they are and the key differences to be noted before choosing one!

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Gypsum Plaster Disadvantages: Give a Perfect Interior Touch

The outer protection for every structure is the most important aspect appearance-wise as well as strength-wise. Whereas normally people have preferred the normal cement plaster on the walls as cover. But it has many disadvantages, and it could not protect the building structure from water, fire, and many natural substances. 

Gypsum plaster is the revolution and replacement for the normal cement used for interiors. It is made from a very robust mixture of elements and gives a perfect interior touch. With many good things, there are few drawbacks too. In this article, know all about the gypsum plaster along with its advantages and disadvantages. 

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Vitrified Tiles Disadvantages

Vitrified Tiles Disadvantages – Know Your Tiles Before Installation

Vitrified flooring is generally being used in such areas where water or moisture is often exposed. It can also be used in areas where the stains can be formed quickly. Whether it is your house or any commercial building, vitrified flooring is one of the best choices for many! This type of tile can handle the scratches and stay as it is for years. Because of all these features, vitrified flooring is highly recommended by many interior designers and builders. 

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PVC kitchen cabinate

PVC Kitchen Cabinets Disadvantages – Get the Expert Tips

The kitchen is the heart of any home, isn’t it? A beautiful and functional kitchen not only enhances the overall look of your place but also makes the life of all the members comfortable and convenient. With changing trends every day, people are now opting for modular kitchens to keep the home minimal yet fully optimized. Nowadays, people are replacing their old wooden cabinets in the kitchen with the new PVC kitchen cabinets.

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Disadvantags of Wall Putty

Disadvantages of Wall Putty: Clear your Doubts Before Applying on Wall

The putty powder is formulated to help with leveling the surface, filing the dents or cracks in the wall, and it also helps in preventing the dampness. Although there are many advantages to applying it, there are many disadvantages of wall putty too. Many types of putty are available today, so let’s go through the varieties along with their features and cons to decide whether applying the coating of the putty is worth it or not.

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